This Summer


August 15-18

Midland Center for the Arts

Story Synopsis

Act I

Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas from New York are hunting on vacation in the Sottish Highlands and get lost on their first night out. In the distance they hear eery music from a nearby town ("Brigadoon"). They follow the music and discover a fair with the townspeople in traditional Scottish garb ("McConnachy Square"). The MacLaren family, Andrew and his two daughters Jean and Fiona, arrive to purchase wedding supplies for Jean's wedding to Charlie Dalrymple. The thought of Jean marrying anyone other than him devastates Harry Beaton, who dismisses devotion from other ladies. Jean's older sister, Fiona, however, has no interest in rushing into marriage ("Waitin' For My Dearie"). 

Tommy and Jeff join the MacLaren's for a meal at their home, where the dairymaid Meg Brockie instantly takes a shine to Jeff. Jean's fiancé, Charlie, enthusiastically arrives, ecstatic at his upcoming nuptials ("Go Home with Bonnie Jean"). Though Tommy is engaged back home in New York, he shares a romantic morning with Fiona ("The Heather on the Hill"). Meg continues to pursue Jeff, who would rather nap ("The Love of My Life"). 

Jean and friends prepare for her new life ("Jeannie's Packin' Up"), while Charlie yearns for a glimpse of his love from outside ("Come to Me, Bend to Me"). Jeff arrives in traditional Highland trousers after his were damaged and Tommy cannot contain his excitement of meeting Fiona ("Almost Like Being In Love"). Tommy discovers something odd in the MacLaren family bible, all the dates listed are 200 years old.

Fiona sends him to the school master, Mr. Lundie, who explains the town of Brigadoon magically remains hidden except for one day every one hundred years -  to keep the town protected  from the outdoor world. The townsfolk are forbidden to ever leave, lest the entire town disappear forever. Tommy inquires if an outside could remain in Brigadoon, and Mr. Lundie tells him through love, anything is possible. 

A grand processional begins the wedding. Charlie and Jean are married, and a traditional wedding dance follows featuring sword dancing led by Harry Beaton. The dance halts when Harry attempts to kiss Jean. Unable to be with the woman he loves, Harry  swears he will leave Brigadoon, and the magic and Brigadoon will disappear forever. 

Act II

A frantic search for Harry by the men of the town ensues ("The Chase"). A loud scream is heard and Harry is discovered dead after falling on a rock. The men decide not tell the rest of the town until the following morning. Tommy sees Fiona and the two declare their mutual love ("There But For You Go I"). Tommy decides to find Mr. Lundie, so he can stay in Brigadoon with Fiona. 

In the village, Meg entertains the townsfolk with a story of when her parents were married ("My Mother's Wedding Day"). The reveling is interrupted by Archie Beaton arrives with his son, Harry’s,  body. Harry’s  unrequited love, Maggie, performs a funeral dance for him as they carry Harry to his burial. 

Jeff denounces Tommy's plans to stay in Brigadoon, and also confesses to accidentally tripping Harry, thus killing him. Tommy tells Fiona he loves her, but cannot stay in Brigadoon ("From This Day On"). She expresses her love once more as she fades away into darkness. 

Four months later, Tommy still cannot stop thinking of Fiona and Brigadoon. He tells his beautiful fiancé, Jane Ashton, that he cannot marry her (reprises of “Come to Me, Bend to Me,” “Heather on the Hill,” “Bonnie Jean,” and "From This Day On"). 

Tommy and Jeff return to where the first discovered Brigadoon and are devastated to find nothing there. As they begin to leave, they hear a faint hint of music and Mr. Lundie appears. He invites Tommy to stay, reminding him how with love, anything is possible. Tommy waves goodbye to Jeff as he fades away to remain in Brigadoon. 


Co Directors:

Tracey Kempsell and Kevin Shields

Music Direction:

Heather DeGroot


Shannon DeGroot

The Cast

Congratulations to all who auditioned for "Brigadoon" these past few days.  The casting process was incredibly difficult, but we are so thrilled with the outcome:

Tommy Albright:  Sam Nowak 

Jeff Douglas:  Fletcher Nowak 

Charlie Dalrymple:  Kyler Syring 

Stuart Dalrymple:  Zach Federer 

Maggie Lindsay:  Maggie Reed 

Harry Beaton:  Tyler Vincent 

Archie Beaton:  Patrick Haight 

Fiona MacLaren:  Ella McKane-Wright 

Jean MacLaren:  Madisyn Danner 

Andrew MacLaren:  Trent Dorey 

Meg Brockie:  Kennedy Danner 

MacGregor: Daniel Hall 

Mr. Lundie:  Matthew Conley 

Morag MacGuffie:  Jackie Hendrickson 

Kate/Featured Dancer:  Claire Patterson 

Jane/Featured Dancer:  Emily Kempsell 

Sandy/Featured Dancer:  Gloria Heye 

Fishmonger/Featured Dancer:  Sophia Hahn  

Featured Dancer/Chorus:  Parker Frederick, Maxie Froelicher, Paloma Jolly, Veronica Klein, Delaney Lovely, TJ Neuenfeldt, Mace St. Sauver, Ginny Thomasson  

Townspeople/Chorus:  Shelby Burhans, Sydney Cluff, Hannah Duford, Ruby Fitzgerald, Ava Friedman, Abby Hahn, Holley Hanson, Victoria Heyart, Robert Heyart, Drew Hoag, Julia Lumbert, Lillian Ostrander, Ava Pellegrini, Noam Pretzer, Hailie Radosa, Gio Rose-Anderson, Sereah Skutt, Maggie Smith, Anna Stolz, Zoe Whitlock, Miranda Wojda, Steele Wynne

Audition packets and other information

For those auditioning for the Orchestra, please check out the audition form. It has everything you will need and what you need to prepare for your audition. Print it out and bring it with you to your audition time (set up on the link down below).

Orchestra Audition Information

For orchestra auditions, please prepare a one to two page solo that shows

your skill on your instrument. Part of a sonata movement or concerto 

or some other piece that really shows off what you can do. If you are 

unsure what to play, bring a couple things with you.

We may read through a little bit of the Brigadoon score too, if time.

That’s it! Looking forward to hearing you. Contact Ben DeGroot at if you have questions.

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